Lathe Retrofits

Below are some examples of our lathe retrofits.

Jones & Lamson

This is just one of the many J&L (Jones & Lamson) retrofits we have performed. We have done models with single or double turrets, tailstocks, barfeeders, and even a live C-axis.

J&L - Fanuc

Another J&L lathe, similar to the one above, but retrofitted with a GE Fanuc CNC control.
Both retrofits were CONTROL ONLY; meaning that to keep cost low, we interfaced with the original axis and spindle drives.


This flat bed lathe with a turret retrofitted from a Fanuc 6T. We have retrofitted Mazak, H.E.S. and Dianichi flat beds.

Mazak M4/M5

This is another flat bed lathe with turrets. On this Mazak lathe, we replaced the axis motors and drives with new AC brushless units.

The spindle drive is a constant AC motor with a 16 gear headstock. To simplify part programming, we created PLC logic to allow the operator to enter spindle speed required, and let the CNC select the proper gear range that gives the closest speed. We also added Constant Surface Speed (CSS) to improve tool life and part finish. The CNC now automatically shifts gears as the turning radius changes.

Vertical Lathe

On this Vertical Lathe with 5-station Turret we replaced a GE550 control and DC Axis Servo Motors with a new CNC and Brushless Motors. The original 30-HP Spindle Motor was not replaced at this time. Over 20 sq. feet of floor space was regained by removing unneeded cabinets.

This is typical of the retrofits we have done on Gray, Bullard, Giddings & Lewis, and European VTL's.

C-axis control

This J&L lathe was retrofitted with a Siemens 840 control and servo spindle motor for C-axis milling. The machine originally had a Bendix 5M control, and originally utilized a separate axis motor and headstock gearing for the C-axis.


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