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AHS Machinery Service & Sales, Inc. was established by a group of long experienced machine tool service & sales people with a goal serving (and servicing) the metalworking industry.

We set a single goal: To enhance our customers’ productivity.

To achieve our goal we provide NC / CNC repair, CNC retrofits, and upgrades of Machine Tools and Controls. We also supply, install/calibrate Linear Encoders and Digital Readouts (DRO) and Create DNC Networks.

A “retrofit” might range from replacing a single component such as a speed display; all the way up to a complete CNC package (We have retrofit packages for a variety of milling machines, lathes, and punches).

“Connecting the Future to the Past!”
What do we mean by that?

Well, we believe that the best way to increase efficiency and productivity is by keeping what works, and improving or replacing what doesn’t. After all, marvelous advances in technology may allow us to do things barely dreamed of just twenty-five years ago; but the fundamentals of good machinery construction haven’t changed. Massive iron may increase cost of a machine, but it also provides rigidity, durability, and stability!

By combining new technology with solid machinery, we can take advantage of the strengths and values of both, to create a machine tool that will be more reliable and effiicient; and very cost effective.

By constantly researching the latest technologies and finding ways to apply them to our customer’s needs, we can often dramatically increase productivity at very low costs.

Our philosophy was to assist our customers in maximizing productivity at the lowest possible cost. That meant “Fix anything that can be fixed, find a replacement for the things that can’t.”


As replacement parts for NC and early CNC controls became harder to locate (and more expensive), the advantage of a good retrofit design was obvious. Beginning with simple PLC upgrades of interface logic circuits, AHS developed an integration process, which evolved into a range of full-scale CNC retrofit packages for various lathes, mills and punches.

By 1993, AHS had begun extensive development of CNC retrofit packages, and was also working to integrate the shop floor with the “front office”. In addition, AHS has developed packages for specialty machinery applying a variety of new technology components.

To devote more energy to NC, CNC and DNC service, the metrology portion of our business was sold in 1996; and although AHS Machinery Service & Sales, Inc. still provides excellent repair service on NC controls; Machine Upgrades has become the major focus of our business.

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